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Dogging Locations UK Doggers

Welcome to Dogging 365!

If you are looking for an up to date & definitive guide to all the top dogging locations, car park sex meets and outdoor contacts sites then you have come to the right place!

Dogging-365 aims to provide you with all the dogging information and directions you need in order for you to get dogging tonight, along with photos, videos and even adult porn to definitely get you in the right mood!

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If you wish to advise us of a new dogging locations, review an existing one or let us know of dead ones, then click here!

NOTE - Dogging is legal so please be carefull as the police now have dogging hot spots around the UK and wILL be patrolling these, so be warned pick your locations with care and better to pre arrange a meet with someone rather than just driving to some UK car park and hope someone turns up to fuck your wife or better still read dogging stories submitted by members and couples that enjoy outdoor sex

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