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With adult DVDs no longer being available legally within the UK by mail order, and the only way to get them is either by going to your local sex shop or ordering via the internet or post from a company based in Europe that may or may not actually deliver them, this method of viewing adult videos is starting to look a touch out of date and very much an endangered species.

So, just what do you do now to get your fix of the latest adult videos to hit the market?

Streaming Videos, that's what! Adult videos on demand or VOD as it's known allows you to either download or stream all the latest and best adult DVDs and adult videos to your computer for instant viewing, completely legally, freeing you from the restrictions and costs associated with buying DVDs.

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  • Download To Own works just like any other download but when you download the adult video of your choice you also get a licence that allows you to keep it on your hard drive for as long as you like.
  • Free Streaming Movies hard to belaeve that you can get anything for free but all these streaming samples are

Just choose from either: Adult Video Downloads or Adult Video Streaming

If you've never downloaded or streamed an adult video, then don't worry, it's really easy and will open up a whole new world of choice with regard to the number of adult movies you have to choose from! Simply follow the on screen instructions and start saving money today on your adult film viewing.

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