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Gain information on UK cuckold information and help

Aren't dogging couples all cuckolds?

I reading a forum posting from a cuckold contacts and he was making reference that ALL couples certainly if married are UK cuckold, after all if your going to watch your wife with another guy surely your a cuckold?

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It seems the world these days has gone cuckold husbands mad although the term cuckold doesn't just refer to married couples and many un married couples are getting into the scene after all if your going to take your girl friend to a dogging location and watch her doesn't that make you a cuckold?

But it does seem that a lot of people "think" they are cuckolds when in fact they are really happy to watch someone fucking their wife or girlfriend for a bit then expect to join in for some threeway sex, but thats NOT what the cuckold scene is about.

For those that are unsure the scene is about ONE thing alone and nothing else thats watching males fucking, lick or play with the little women and whilst you may want to join in if your considered cuckold lifestyle then you need to re consider if your idea is to join in at some stage as I know a lot of bulls will get very upset if you think you can join along with the fucking.

If you do think its for you then finding contacts is not hard in fact least right now it couldn't be any easier but that is manly down to the amount of swingers website's that are going around, after all a few years back if you wanted to watch someone fucking your mrs you would have had to ask a friend - a good one! or maybe drag someone back from the local pub

with swingers sites offering cuckold adverts its not hard to find contacts the hard part is finding the male you want round to fuck your wife, after all some members are looking for what you would class as the stereotypical male and thats a black guy, whilst others won't give a fuck so long as the bottom line is her gets to watch!

It doesn't matter what type of contact you want finding them is easy and this doesn't mean you have to consider dogging locations. No you can watch in the comfort of your own home so check out what the cuckold swingers website's have on offer.

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