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Real Cambridgeshire Dogging Sites & UK Doggers Info

Every wondered what students get up to when their not in the pub well not just students but all horny Cambs contacts read and find out

Well, the reports we're getting from doggers in Cambridgeshire is that they are turning to dogging in an attempt to find something interesting to do with no money in their hands, this has led to a new group coming into the dogging scene around Ely, Cambridge and Linton

Like so many regions around the Uk dogging scene is strong but with authroties & counciles shutting locations finding current cambridge dogging sites needs a little more research and posted here is a direct and free link to view ALL local contacts

Find Dogging contacts Cambridgeshire - click here

BobbyBoy -
If you are in Cambridge then head to Abbey St. Ickelton. There's an entrance gate that leads to a hidden car park. I have never known this gate to be closed, it is always unlocked. One of the best dog spots in the area, I thouroghly recommend you give it a shot, weekend are your best bet I reckon - I saw this BBW get fucked last week and I've got a promise for next week .

firsttimeguy -
For a rare glory hole in Cambridge check out CB3 Car park next to the river going off Barton Road at Grantchester Street junction. You will find a lot of twink action here, there are toilets as well as trees and bushes to go into if you fancy it. Daytime and evening fun for guys of all ages!

huskies1978 -
Not the best dogging area in Cambs but ok I suppose is Grafham Water car park near to Huntingdon. I don't think it is used as an actual meeting point but you do get courting couples up there, so voyeurs might be interested in checking it out.
bentonbaby -
Cottaging in Peterborough known locally as Wansford lorry park. Heading from the A1 go towards the A47 Lookout for the turning into the picnic site, it is very easy to miss it. There is a big car park used for dogging and some toilets
sarah&stu -
Hi we are a horny young attractive professional Cambs couple and we are always nipping to Little Paxton Nature Reserve at St. Neots to get our dogging fix. We love dogging so much, its the perfect way to unwind after a stressful week at work.
pleaseme2 -.
Just take the A1307 from Cambridge to Haverhill, and at the Magog roundabout carry on towards Haverhill. Turn right as you approach the hill and then go left. You will arrive at Magog Down, an excellent gay cruising area as its very well hidden you can get really carried away here and not worry about unwanted prying eyes!
cheekymel -
Coe Lane in Godmanchester has been inactive for a long time, I think the boys in blue turned up one night and scared everone off. I'm very upset about that it was a great dogging car park with a good crowd. Do you know where any oudoor meets are happening these days? Please help I so want to get back out there..
hornystud -
The carparks at the old gravel pits in Mepal are getting more and more busy I think. Top cottaging queer dogging site with many new faces showing up all the time. Not just old duffers either I am a student and there are plenty of us younger guys meeting there.
pborough -
meets by Ferry Meadows picnic area in Peterborough. mixed to Nene Valley station just of A605 also try Southey Woods off the A1

If you know of a dogging location we don't have listed please let us know all the details by clicking here.

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