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Cheshire Dogging Wives Voyeur Locations UK

There's more to Cheshire than just loaded footballers and a grinning cat...theres horny couples meeting around local sites for outdoor meets

Cheshire, inc. Chester, also has lots of secluded country lanes, parks and woodland that is just perfect for dogging activity, you never know, if you're lucky, you might find some of the footballers there for the evening action as well.

Like so many regions around the Uk couples & single dogging contacts are always looking for the most current and more so USED !!! and the best place to find this information is via contacts sites and we offer a FREE to use site - For access to local contact us the banner below to access Cheshire dogging couples profiles and photos

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rodneyh Congleton -
Excellent evening dogging can be found at Bosely Cloud in Congleton. Avoid in the day though, far too many non-doggers around who might report activity to the old bill. Also try Mow Cop Castle, there are many nearbly laybys used for naughty activities.

shameless Alderley Edge -
In Alderley Edge in Cheshire there is a dogging spot at the Wizard restaurant car-park for late night fun. Also nearby Wizard woods are good for a sneaky outside shag, Apparently in the olden days witches used to dance naked around the trees. So not a lot has changed really lol. except got a great blowjob last week

winnie Warrington -
I met up with this well sexy hot doggin cpl at the weekend at Birchwood Forest Park in Warrington. Had some bi fun with the wife, think her name was Trudie, and got fucked in the arse by husband. I had a bloody brilliant time, hope to see them there again soon.

gaylad Delamere train station -
Going along the B5152 go right past Delamere train station as you approach the bridge take a right turn down the smaller road. At the weekends particularly on Saturday nights you will get cruised very quickly and easily, plenty of hard cocks to go round here! I met my boyfriend here we have been together for 7 month now.

dirtnasty Bebington -
Great place for late night couple action car park outside Bebington Library on Higher Bebington Road. Last friday counted 5 couples and the odd single guy, enough for a party anyway!

sdf56h3 Stockport -
Hi we are a fit mature couple, regularly go out dogging in Cheshire esp. Stockport area. One location that we really like is the layby on Tiviot Way (A626) and the dale access from junction 27 of the M60.

hoopla A556 dogging -
If you head on the a556 to Chester you will find a wicked little picnic area that leads a double life as a dogging area when it gets dark! Can get rather busy if the weather is favourable and used by many genuine couples up for a good time. I have made some real friends at this place.
Reggie Chester city -
The Walls of Chester have loads of entrances, each of which is a good cruising point for gay guys. Bit like a gay lucky dip. You could meet a hairy bear or hot young scally. It is safest to stay nearer to the gay pub if you are a first timer, keep a lookout for pissed up chavs.
Ecclestone dogging -
I used to use the car parking by the River Dee ( old ferry carpark) but its pretty dead now other than a few criusing guys..anyone know any other places to meet around Ecclestone

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