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Derbyshire Dogging Car Parks Voyeur Sites UK

From the county that gave you Buxton meet with couples for outdoor sex...real couples, real locations and a lot lot more......

now comes some of the best dogging locations in the UK. Derbyshire seems to have at least one great site for every major town or village in it's boundaries and we bring them to you, below.

Finding safe places to meet is always paramount with any dogger which is just the reason so many are using dogging forums to get the very latest information on places to meet and aviod - for up to date info use the banner below and posted are sample members photos

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HarlotUK - (Buxton)
Dogging area in Buxton and Longhill check it out: There is a car-park down by the Goyt Valley Reservoir. I met a guy online who pointed out this great place, now I will never go anywhere else, amazing and very filthy housewives fucking . Dogging is quite addictive lol why not cum and jion me !

ShazRich - (Chesterfield)
Head northwest on the B6050 from Chesterfield. There are three reservoirs, the second car park is usually active with doggers. This is a good site so lets keep it open, don't leave ur mess behind ppl!

derbyscpl - (Ilkston )
Turn into the Industrial Estate and you will come across a tiny car park that leads through to Manor Floods. This dogging location in Ilkston is frequently used for dogging meets, although at the moment it seems to be overrun with single male doggers and is lacking in lone females and couples.

sammysuck - (Swarkestone)
Hi just thought I'd let you know about a dogging area at the recreational wasteland behind the public house in Swarkestone. I go there with my male doggin buddy and he watches me as I get fucked by all the horny guys that go there.

wellard46 - (Hardwick Park)
Hello there, you might want to investigate the action at Clay Cross car park at Hardwick Park. At junction 29 on the M1 going to Clay Cross. Turn left after about five mile and you will see Hardwick Park signposted. Get stuck right in and enjoy the gay cock fun! I am a mature bi guy who visits this doggin site.

slut34jock - (Willington layby)
Couples have been sighted at Willington layby (just past the power station) having sex in their cars, but no parnter swapping reported. Will keep an eye on the situation and see if it develops into anything more.

horny&hot - (Matlock)
High Ordish Picnic Site, off of Alfreton Road in Matlock. Go right at the top of Slack hill and follow the signs for the picnic benches, the site is on the right hand side, when the sun goes down the doggerz cum out to play, gets really busy sometimes its a great place for any new doggers to try out the lifestyle.
slut34jock - ( Glossop )
Try Bulldog trading centre its around the back of the mill and last week meet with this horny mature couple, dead easy to find just look out for Bulldog trading centre

If you know of a dogging location we don't have listed please let us know all the details by clicking here.

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