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Essex Doggers Car Park Directions UK

Heard all the jokes about Essex girls.......well trust me they are not true, but what is, is the horny essex dogging members, read on and find out just why essex really is the home of dogging FACT....

Well, so have we and we're pleased to report that many of the dirty dogging girls to be found in Essex public car parks are as filthy as they're made out to be!! And some of them are even more so!

Whether you want to access locations by forums, message boards or chatrooms you can be sure of finding the mist current and more so used sites around Essex ............check out photos & free link

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blackguy - (Colchester) -
There is a lay-by on A120 towards Colchester that I used to visit and fuck all the horny dirty housewives who wanted a big black cock. That was I while ago I want to get back into dogging again now but on my last couple of visits have seen no action at all. Do you know where the Essex doggers have moved on to?

wastedyouth - (Chelmsford) -
Fucking fantastic doggin site outside of Chelmsford ice skating rink and leisure centre, end of month tends to see more action milf. I've been lucky enough to witness and participate in several gangbang and bukakke situations. Amazing people that go there you do see a cross section of society!

South Woodham Ferrers car park is getting a bit doggy these days as the Chelmsford Council & police are watching careful anyone else know a good Essex dogging locations other than Ferrers car park?

tricia&ben (Basildon & Thurrock ) -
Basildon & Thurrock location, Langdon Hills Country Park. Signposted One Tree Hill from the A13. Not very good for daytime meetings as there are a lot of mountain bikers about. At night time though you get the odd couple stopping by for a quick one, more of a criusing zone really though.

barryscott (Grays) -
Hi I am barry from Grays. Fairlop Water, Forest rd in Barkingside, Essex next to sail centre is a prime spot for nsa gay dogging. Two car parks are here, as far as I'm aware they are both shut at around 11ish so best for early evening and daytime dick sucking fun.

nigelb-41 (Clacton-on-Sea) -
Naturist sunbathing Beach at St Osyth on the north sea coast at Clacton-on-Sea. A lot of open air swinging happens on this beach so its a sort of dogging area. Particularly popular with the younger communtity.

MrBrown (Leigh-On-Sea) -
I am a voyeur from Essex there are several car parks on Leigh Marsh at Leigh-On-Sea. The golf course car park is often used by dogging couples for in car fun I watch them whenever I can.

tinkywinky (Romford layby)-
Near to Romford there is Layby on the A127 but there is no dogging there has long been deserted. I waited for well over an hour and then the police moved me on...
kezia (Essex) -
There is a dogging car park with pathway leading to secluded trees and bushes on Church rd, get there from Hanging Hill lane or you could use Hall Green Lane. Good for in-car wife swapping fun in the winter and outdoor action up against the trees.
bthplus1 (A13 layby dogging - Basildon ) -
I've been using the layby on the A13 just past Kierbeck Business Pk on the main Basildon A road. Just park up then head into the bushes. Let me know when you'll be around and we can meet

If you know of a dogging location we don't have listed please let us know all the details by clicking here.

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