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Herefordshire Doggers NSA Sex Dogging Places UK

It's not just Morgan sports cars that get racey in Herefordshire....its horny dogging contacts

in fact, you're more likely to find something more racey by going for some dogging action after dark in one of the locations below.

Whilst we only have a few locations posted below for FULL access to all local members use the link below and this will not only give you free access to profiles but members photos

Hopefully you will join us as a free member especally when you check out the sample profiles below and then not only will you be able to read members forums postings but access loads of locations for outdoor meets

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charley - The only dogging venue in Herefordshire that I know of is the car park at Haugh Woods. If you are coming from Hereford , take the B4224 going towards Ross-on-Wye. Turn left at Mordiford as you go past the public house, after that you will see signs for Haugh Wood. Most nights are busy for dogging with loads of BBWs, anytime after about 9pm onwards. been told that the dogging uncovered guys brought some porn stars down for fun last month - gutted I missed it

David and June - Well we can assure you that there are in fact no dogging locations in Herefordshire. Plenty of suitable car parks just not any doggers around. We have to drive to the Downs near Bristol when we want to go dogging. If you hear from any other couples from Hereford area please pass on our details we would love to meet other local swingers for outdoor fun.

If you know of a dogging location we don't have listed please let us know all the details by clicking here.

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