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Lancashire Couples & Doggers Casual Encounters UK

Heading to the Lake District? Then why not take a stop in Lancashire on your way...and enjoy some outdoor meets with local dogging members

With dogging locations situated all round the Lancashire region including major sites in Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Bolton, Warrington and Barrow-in-Furness we have a doggin spot close to every one.

Theres no doubt that this region is not short or both dogging profiles which you can view for free below and even more loads of places where you can meet up - check out the sample postings below or better still join us as a free member today and start meeting with local Lancashire Swingers & dogging contacts

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mark Bolton
Check out the dogging fun at Entwhistle Reservoir in Bolton. To get there, its further north of Bolton off of the A666 . There are two good sized car-parks close to the reservoir, a lot of gays about but there is straight dogging if you look for it. Great for me as I'm orally bi so get the best of both world. I try to visit as much as I can and I'd urge anyone else to do the same its well worth it.

sandie and dom - Pennington Flash Country Park
Pennington Flash Country Park has been used for dogging probably since before the term 'dogging' was invented. As a result there is a well established sound as fuck dogging crowd here, one of the best in Lancs. Only downside is you do get a lot of dog walkers and cyclists etc. so any action that might take place happens well late at night. As far as we know police do not bother anyone.

Lancs Lad - Blackpool
If you want to be cruised in Blackpool, check out the Talbot Road area, and the nearby pathway leading to the beach are good pickup spots I've heard. Also a good spot to get your head kicked in I personally try to avoid these areas. Stick to clubs its much safer for us gays in Blackpool.

charlene - Ashurst Beacon Country Park
Ashurst Beacon Country Park has a few car parks to choose from, lots of horny fun taking place in cars. Good for afternoon fun, fridays in particular are a good crac. Single guys are very welcome there are lots of horny cock sucking nymphos that love to please.

marianne - Rivington Pike
There are lots of car parks at Rivington Pike, the large main one leading up to the castle is the most busy. Nightly dogging only no daytime fun because there are a lot of other people about. Straight action only.

Wayne P -
A wicked couples dogging site just off Red Rock Lane. As you go up the hill, approaching the bridge, there is a little car park that is well hidden from the road. It is easy to miss the turn-off so keep your eyes open for it.

missy Q - Failsworth
I'm not really into dogging that much but I have been to Daisy Nook Country Park in Failsworth a couple of times my boyfriend made me go it was alright nothing special really.
bethplusone - Leyland
Worden Park meets tonight? just pull into the carpark flash your lights and follow us into the trees

If you know of a dogging location we don't have listed please let us know all the details by clicking here.

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