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Dogging Northumberland Latest Voyeur Locations UK

Being in the least populated county in the whole of the UK means you would think that you'd struggle to find dogging sites & members........ wrong !!

Its clear the Northumberland dogging scene of all others get the most use from forums many due to the more rural meets

Having more rural locations means pre arranging meets is the only way to arrange meets, after all do you really want to be sitting around car parks alone all night ?

But when you do find them, it's well worth the effort as the dogging car activity to be found is red hot and the doggin couples to be seen are amongst the horniest in the country.

Find Dogging contacts Northumberland - click here

edina and jake - Please can you add this dogging (couples) site: Amble car parks. Go towards Amble on spine road and turn off at the Hauxley junctions. A few small car parks as you approach the pub. Good evening action on Mondays and other nights after 8pm.
maggie niahll - We have had the most success at the long lay-by that is just further than causey bridge park going northbound past Morpeth on the A1. Room for about 10 cars lots of couples stopping by for nsa sex most nights after 8pm later in summer.
lewis jay - If you want gay cock fun and cruising the head to Catspaw picnic place at Alnwick. If you come on the A697 its just to the south of Wooperton. I got some bum fun there instantly on friday morning. brilliant!

teeside cpl - Yes excellent doggin frolics to be had at picnic site north of Otterburn. Along the A68 very secluded. Late After-Dark encounters only as its used by families during the day, and please please can you tell everyone to put their used condoms and stuff in the bin! dont give us all a bad name!

Bailey - On the East Coast of N'thumb good fun at Whitley Bay car parks at St Mary's Lighthouse.  Just give a quick flash of your headlights if you wish to be approached. I have been every fri for the past 5 weeks and scored action every time! Thanks to Jan and Phil lol!!!!!

Gay Gordon - The gayest place in the town of Cramlington  no doubt about it is Arcot Lane huge cruising site. I had my first ever taste of cock there a couple of years ago and I've never looked back! Any gay guy can pick up here very easily just watch out for the twatty chavs lurking about...

reggie - Very late night couple dogging - Attenborough Nature Reserve at the bottom of Barton Lane just off of the A6005 between Beeston and Long Eaton. Not every night but frequently some weekend car action. Not alot of participation, good voyeurism tho.

If you know of a dogging location we don't have listed please let us know all the details by clicking here.

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