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Walkers and horse riders love Wenlock Edge and the Clee Hills as apparently they offer some wonderful views...and so do dogging couples why Dogging is so popular around Shropshire region

But quite frankly, we don't care!! All we are bothered about is whether or not these areas are any good for dogging sex and from reading recent forum postings the members are enjoyingf some meets around these and many other locations

Take a look at the reviews below to find out what our site visitors think! but better still use the link and access dogging profiles placed by couples that are looking for meets NOW .........The link will dispaly all members but once a member you'll have FULL access to search so that you can filter results just to show local Shropshire swingers & dogging contacts only

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helena & alex - Hi good doggin fun evenings at cressage car park. To get to the site from Wenlock go past the old monument, over the bridge and turn right. Can be quiet for ages then all of a sudden you will get non-stop action for a week. very strange. worth a visit we reckon.
luke b - at Moss Pool car park near Newport and Telford you get the occasional doggers pulling up. Many dark corners suitable for fucking in, nothing to write home about though, there are much better dogging car parks in Shropshire I think.
shrops dogger - This is one of my fave dogging location: heading in to Ironbridge, go over Jackfield bridge across the river, and follow the road round looking for a very sharp turning on the right that points to Iron Bridge. Keep going on this road you will eventually see the car park. The great thing about this carpark is that at the far end there is a track leading to another smaller car park, so you can switch action from each site.

a homo - Atcham Bridge on River Severn in Shrewsbury is a fine place to get yourself 'cruised' at any time of day or night. Park in the lay by on Atcham Road, then make your way under the bridge for action. Wait around and somebody will approach you.

sex mad - There is a picnic site and carpark at Lickey Hills, off the M42 motorway at Rednal about ten miles south-west of Brum city centre. I have wanked over couples fucking many times at this great spot. A few regular dogging cpls that are very horny.

If you know of a dogging location we don't have listed please let us know all the details by clicking here.

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