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West Midlands Dogging Places West Mids UK

Want to try Dogging in the West Midlands and not sure where to start? well let me give you a big clue........RIGHT here so look no futher.......

With a county the size of West Midlands putting ALL the dogging locations onto this one page would be difficult so we will be splitting this down, in the meantime here are the main ones that we know of in the West Mids.

With our advance profile and local searching its easy to find details on current sites where West Mids dogging couples are heading towards

Rather than leaving you guessing whats on offer I've posted a free access so that you can view local dogging wives profiles and adverts placed by other couples

Find Dogging contacts West Midlands - click here

niceynice - Coventry outdoor action at Allesley Park. Wide open space, loads of trees and bushes, hot sexy doggin wives... What more could you possibly want? A car park maybe? Just a thought! Seriously its well worth a shot.

bongo - Selly Oak in Birmingham is probably the best dogging spot in the west midlands, if not the world. Nightly action and I've heard there have been a few daytime meets from time to time. People who slag it off are stupid and probably not true doggerz anyway.

allisong - Not much point in goin to the superstore car park in Dudley anymore, you will just be besieged by those annoyingly pushy loner guys that are unfortunately becoming increasingly common on the local dogging scene. Wish they would either learn some manners or just piss off!
wanksta - West Bromwich doggin at Sandwell Valley Country Park. Next to the sailing centre at Swan Pool there is a large car park that is popular with local swingers for dogging meetings. This is a genuine location please only turn up if you want to get in on the action, timewasters go somewhere else please.
jollygreen - Marston Green in Brum, behind the station is very secluded and away from residential areas so police leave us well alone. Downside is that I had my wallet nicked about a month ago, you have to expect that these days I suppose how sad.
paulajohn - In Wolverhampton there is dogging action at the car park close to Stockwell Road. Also Tettenhall Pool car park has frequent activity and a lot of female doggers attending, ace location I can't praise it enough.
o'reileyuk - If you want to fuck real filthy doggers in Birmingham pay a visit to Cannon Hill Park, you will find your way in from Edgbaston Rd. There are many car parks to choose from, at least one of them will have dogging goin on.
janey - Keresley Waste Lane at Coventry its well good ive sucked off loads of cocks there im a dirty slut and I love dogging guys! Come and get me I will take anyone and couples as well, I can fuck you better than your wife can.

If you know of a dogging location we don't have listed please let us know all the details by clicking here.

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