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Wiltshire Public Fucking Meets Doggers Directions UK

The source of stonehenge and the crop circles has long been questioned....its not just druids that like to get naked on Salisbury plain...............

But we can now officially confirm that they are nothing to do with the local dogging community! They are however responsible for the cries of passion that have been heard after dark from discrete carparks and woodland areas in the county!

It doesn't matter where abouts you live in wiltshire meeting with dogging contacts is EASY and as a member you'll be able to view ads, locations, photos & members dogging stories

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jaicintha - The dogging action Lay-by on the A303 near to Amesbury is a bit irregular. If you drive towards Cholderton then turn left onto the country road that leads into the forest you will see the carpark. After that it's just a question of being in the right place at the right time and being lucky I guess. probably about 50/50 you will meet other doggers and couples.

theoreileys - Salisbury dogging evening meets at the car park on the Southampton Road (A36) facing the college. Popular for couples ages about 20 to 40. This is a good site as it is mostly used by swinging couples rather than an avalanche of single guys wanting to wank off over your car door. how annoying is that we hate it.

ursula&peter - Gay and straight dogging goes down at Toilets and Car Park on Tog Hill on Doynton Lane. Gay guys meet each other in the toilets but we dont know if there is a glory hole in there maybe. We drive up to the top end of the car park there are usually cpls dotted all over though. Flash your lights once if you want others to watch or join in with you.

gregory smith - I'm a sexy stunning TV and I often head down to Tog Hill to show off my lovely long legs and stocking tops. If you are a TV or crossdressers then you will find a warm welcome, the couples are nice and there is plenty of bi fun available in the toilets if thats your thing.

anon in wilts - Established dogging Car Park at Badbury Clump turn off on the A420 to Faringdon. Halfway between Swindon and Oxford. Sometimes couples use this site for outdoor dogging meetings. Busiest times to visit are weekends and Thursday nights also love to hear from Wiltshire Swingers

craig xxx - Nightingale Woods at South Marston near Swindon have been very quiet for a while now due to one thing or another, but seems to be improving and the action is picking up. A perfect place to 'dog' as its quiet and well hidden from the main road.

ricardo - sex is always on offer when its hot at Devizers - Smallgrain Picnic Area and the nearby woods in Devizers. Couples are always sneaking behind the trees for horny fucks! Very nice for voyeurs to watch.

If you know of a dogging location we don't have listed please let us know all the details by clicking here.

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