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So, the eternal question, what is Dogging?

Well, the long and short of it is that dogging is the sexual activity that takes place between consenting adults in the carparks, laybys picnic areas and woodlands around the UK.

Obviously outdoor sex isn't exactly new and people have been having sex in their cars no doubt since their invention, so why the big deal now?

Well, whilst many horny teenagers may have used discrete locations to have sex whilst they were still living at home with their parents had had no where else to go, dogging is slightly more organised.

  • Interior Lights ON - This is an idication by the couple in the car that they are open to being watched from a suitable distance.
  • Interior / Exterior Lights Being Flashed - This is seen as an invitation to move closer and possibly join in with the action taking place.
  • Windows / Doors Open - Always ask, but generally this is seen as an invitation to watchers to join in with the doggers in the car.

Whilst the notes above are a good starting point, please don't take them as 'gospel' you may find the windows on a car being open simply due to the people inside being hot, therefore if you're unsure about anything, always ask before putting yourself into an aqward position.

Doggers tend to make contact via chatrooms and swingers sites and quite often arrange to meet other couples and singles at locations local to them for a bit of outdoor wife swapping. And as these locations have now become easy to find on the internet, single guys have cottened on to the fact that many of the couples to be found at these doggin locations are quite happy to induldge them by having no strings attched sex with them at these spots.

Therefore, the best way to meet other doggers is to actually join one of the main dogging contacts sites on the net rather than just turning up at a known venue.

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