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Uk wives flashing in public places - free story / photos

flashing wive do it in any weather, real UK flashing story !

This flashing wife story was posted by a member within there blog ...the UK flashing scene has been around a lot longer than dogging and whilst some will say its dull, but anyone will agree after reading this flashing story its VERY far from being dull

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For some years we’ve been into the flashing wife scene and I love nothing more than heading out for the night with little or nothing on under me VERY short shirts, or sometimes if the weather allows a nice long mac and under it …..stockings, oh and shoes .......

Tonight we were heading out to one of our local bars, and wearing a white satin blouse that was virtually transparent and several buttons open with no bra I know that would instantly get the attention, before there eyes drifted further down..Fishnets and hold ups are a must with a VERY tight short black skirt and making sure it was about as short as possible just showing the tops of my lace around the stockings and as for knickers…..please those are for winter nights.

The look is finished with stiletto shoes, shiny black with a heel that takes practice to walk in. Walk into the pub some of the regulars recognise me and know whats on offer as I’ve flashed them before. Walking over to my husband with the sexist walk I can I sit down directly opposite him and start by leaning forward so he can see down my blouse and my already erect nipples, but its when I sit back and cross my legs & uncrossing and look around the bar to see what response it gets.

Where I’m not wearing any knickers or bra especially in a crowded pub knowing that I’m sat there virtually naked excites me and by making several trips to the toilet my husband knows just whats going on. I love seeing the way males look at me walking across the bar making sure I walk seductive.

Walking back to the table my husband tells ells me that several men were looking at me and admiring my legs and wondering what was underneath. Feeling his touch on my legs I open them slightly knowing that anyone sat opposite me would clearly see up my skirt, but my husband knows this and I see a glint of naughtiness as he pushes his hand further under my skirt

Feeling a finger touching the top of my thigh I know soon that he’ll find my shaven pussy and leaning over he asks if I want to leave and have some outdoor fun. Lets go I whisper, I want to fuck me on the back seat!

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