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You don't want to beleive everything you here!!

If you want to break away from the myth that all swingers parties revolve around a bowl in the centre fo the table, then take a look at some of the swingers videos we've found that show you what really takes place when a group of fucking horny swingers get together and all inhibitions are lost!!

And what a selection of swingers videos we've found!!

  • Melanies Real Brit Swingers - The first in the many we've found must be one of the best known and most genuine series of swingers videos available right now! Melanie, who runs a swingers site, advertised for a group of real amateur swingers on her site that wanted to take part in a real swingers vid. The response she got enabled her to get all the swingers you see in this movie together and film the action as it unfolded. There's no scripts and no story line, just real swingers fucking, sucking and swapping as only swingers can!
  • XXX Brits Swingers - When the legendary producer Johnny Rebel is involved you just know the action you're about to see will be fucking great! And this series of swingers movies featuring a total of 4 individual videos is no exception. All the movies are shot on location at La Chambre in Sheffield, one of the best known and loved swingers clubs in the country, and all the people you see are genuine members of the club!
  • Swingers Party - There's now 8 videos in this well known series of swingers videos, and each one seems to be better than the last. You'll find all kinds of swinger sex taking place, from lesbian action between the wives to greedy girls taking on all the cock they can handle, and you'll also find some interracial fucking on here as well, this is one series of video you have to check out!

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Of course, these are just a few of the swingers films we've been able to locate, in total we've found over 70 swingers movies for you to watch including such classics as Sexpose Swingers, Swingers Paradise and Swingers caught on tape.

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