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Swingers and Swinging UK

Meet the swingers that are actively dogging in your area!

It is thanks to the swingers of the UK that dogging has taken off with such momentum, without them we'd probably still be waiting around quiet carparks hoping for some action to take place!!

But with so many swingers sites online, just where do you start? Well, take a look at the two swingers websites below as we feel they give you everything you could need for free!


these sites offer a huge range of facilities to ensure that making contact with swingers is as easy as possible, but possibly most important of all is that all the sites are completely free to join!!

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Things we found on these sites for free include:

  • Free Registration and creation of your own swingers advert
  • The ability to search all the adverts that have been placed by other swingers
  • Free emailing of other members subject to the members personal settings
  • The free use of their very busy chatrooms
  • Free swingers and dogging forums for the latest information
  • Members photo galleries and video galleries

I'm sure there's loads more that we haven't shown above, but quite simply, without actually joining yourself and spending some time on the site, it's hard to know exactly what other extra little things there are to find that you'll be looking for.

We'd reccomend joining either of these sites, as they offer all you'll really ever need from a swingers website and best of all, their free!!

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