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Want to find the best in transvestite dogging locations and fed up with going to places and not meeting anyone? We brits and more so crossdressers love to dog but finding safe places seems next to impossible these days !! WRONG, its more a case of where to look

Finding locations really is a lot easier than you'd think, its more a case of knowing WHERE to look and if you want to find out about tranny dogging where better to ask than other crossdressers about outdoor sex, dogging locations the places you really want to avoid like the plague

Within our forums section No topic is off limit which means if you want to ask a direct question like " where a good location in hampshire" then fine and with our strong member base you can be sure of getting a fast and promote response and our Dogging forum has everything you could every want to know.

The forums section has become one of the most used section other than perhaps the webcams section for transvestites to meet and swap locations and due to its interactive feature means everyone can have some involvement when considering an outdoor meet and is easy to see why its become popular among our crossdress

One of the main advantages of a members only forum is its only the members that get to post so you won't have idiots spamming the forum as if they do they will loose their membership plus due to its popularity is always getting updated with new locations as members contribute with information and vast amount of knowledge.

So if you want to find the best in locations join us and start chatting with other crossdress dogging from around the Uk

When arranging to meet with UK Trannies / people outdoors try to find as much information as possible and get full details of the dogging locations - when meeting people obviously safety is paramount so try to take some precautions

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